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Currently gathering all bugs, issues and sorting them out. Sorry for the delay many un forseen issues during this launch process which required adjustments to be made. Thank you for your patience. Its allowed us to perform greater testing and assure stability inside our new system. Thank You!

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Virtual Web-Hosts, Internet Company
Website, Mobile Application, M3S Hosting Partner

Status: Pending XOPS/M3S TTC Update

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This is the beginning of bigger things.

Posted by, Nathan Stohr about 3 years ago

There has been alot of work done here. The goal we have is automation so we can provide one of a kind support to our clients. We will be rolling out parts of this site in waves. This is wave 1 the launch. Over next couple months more waves will come adding more navigation, pages and options. We want our customers to be happy with our service and back them up when they need help.

You can see our site progress on left hand panel. Its at 40% as of this post so there is much more to come! Thank you for checking us out!

Login is disabled until 7/23 -> Working on this now actually.